Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies Door-to-Door

A few posts back, I stated how my daughter is a Girl Scout (Daisy) and we have been doing cookie sales. From what I see, a lot of troops will do cookie sales later in the year. If you are a parent who is looking for some tips for selling Girl Scout Cookies, here are some things that have worked for us when going door-to-door.

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies #1 - Map Your Neighborhood

We are lucky that we live in a small village and there are a lot of houses on a single street. However, when we went around walking, we noticed some more side streets that we didn’t even know were there. Pretty amazing since I grew up in the town, but… So that is why it is a good idea to look at a map on Bing or Google and find the best streets to target. These are the streets with a lot of houses grouped within walking distance together.

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies #2 - Bring a Friend

My daughter and I already decided to go out in the neighborhood and sell cookies, but I asked her friend Emily (also a Daisy) and her mother to join us. It is so much fun! They alternated the sales so their sales are pretty even. They have fun working together as well. One Girl Scout is cute, but two Girl Scouts who are all “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?” at the same time is downright adorable.

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies #3 - Bring a Clipboard

Having a clipboard makes writing down a buyer’s contact information much easier. You have a solid writing service, making your writing much more legible for later on. I had a few clipboards around the house, but most dollar stores sell them.

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies #4 - Cut a Cookie Picture Sheet

My daughter got a large cookie order form. At the bottom there is a tear-away pocket form. On that page, all the Girl Scout cookies are listed and their pictures are grouped close together. We hand that to people to look at. They get a simple sheet with the names and pictures of all the cookies; instead of a long form to try and fumble around with.

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies #5 - Choose Your Times Wisely

Last week, we went out in the community to sell Girl Scout cookies twice. The first time was a Sunday. The second time was a Tuesday. Sunday we went out at 10am and a lot of people weren’t home (out and about or at church). We had more luck on Tuesday because we waited until 5pm and most people were home from work. So keep these times in mind when making your rounds.

Tips for Selling Girl Scout Cookies #6 - Thank You Note

I’ll post an example below, but I printed a bunch of pieces of paper that had a thank you message and other information on it. I also included a cute little picture of a girl with a cookie. This note basically said thank you for buying Girl Scout cookies, send when we would be around to deliver them, the price per box, and included our phone number.

Including a phone number is 100% optional and not really required. However, we are basically selling to a bunch of strangers. I know that I would personally feel more comfortable buying from someone who provided me with a method of contact just in case. Moreover, we also did the whole “if you would like additional cookies or know someone who is interested, please use the phone number provided to place your order.”

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