Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Craft Project for Kids: Halloween Wreath

If you are looking for a fun, easy, affordable, and simple Halloween craft project to do with your family, then I recommend creating a Halloween wreath made from Halloween images.

Note: We gathered free clipart online to use. Your child can also create their own Halloween pictures as well to use.


• Paper plate
• Construction Paper or Clipart Pictures
• Glue
• Scissors


• Start by cutting out a wreath outline with your paper plate. We didn’t have a paper plate to use; therefore, used the cardboard from a frozen pizza box.

• Find free clipart online (I recommend Microsoft’s free clipart page). Remember, your child can make their own images by hand as well. If you opt for the clipart route, print all images.

• Tip: We resized some of the larger images to make them smaller. You can do this right in Microsoft Word or with MS Paint.

• Have your child cutout their clipart images or Halloween pictures they drew themselves.

• Have your child glue the cutout pictures to the wreath you made. Try to get your child to position them so that you don’t see any of the paper plate or cardboard.

• Tip: Let all the glue dry before you or your child try to hang this. If the glue isn’t dried all the way, some of the pictures will shift and may come loose.

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