Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Remodeling with a 6 Year Old: A Future Construction Worker

We just bought our first home at the end of July.  We knew that it was a fixer-upper, but it needed A LOT more fixing when then we first thought.  It is amazing how many problems can be hidden behind furniture, the walls, and more.

Remodeling a home with a child is hard, but it can be fun if you let them help.  Typically, we let our daughter control the ShopVac.  However, a unique opportunity presented itself when we decided to gut her bedroom.

She thought it was so much fun watching us rip out the sheetrock that she wanted to try.  Haha so we gave her a hammer and a dusk mask and let her go to town.  She was a little too good at first because she was busting holes in the insulation behind the sheetrock, but then she got into the hang of things.

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