Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun Preschool Activity: Share Day at Home

This past year, my daughter was in pre-k at our local elementary school. One of the many preschool fun circle time activities she did was having share day. Each Friday, they would bring in a special item to share with the class. Each student would say a few words about their share and then pick two students from the class to ask a question.

Lol, honestly, I think this was my daughter’s favorite part of school. She was devastated a few weeks ago when school ended because there wasn’t going to be anymore Friday share days. So, we started doing share days at home. Although it isn’t as fun as sharing a toy with the entire class, she seems to like it. Have you and your family had a share day at home before? If not, it may be a fun preschool activity to try at home with your child.

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