Monday, September 6, 2010

Preparing Preschoolers for a Field Trip

Whether you are planning your own family preschool field trip or if your child is traveling with an organized group of other children (like for school, preschool, or Girl Scouts), you might be looking for tips to prepare your child for their big day.

Preparation is very easy when you are going with your child on their field trip, but there are still some steps that you will want to take.

Discuss About Safety

Always make sure your child knows how to be safe on their preschool field trip. This includes obeying all rules and not associating with strangers.


Never forget the sunscreen. If your child will be outside, they should be wearing sunscreen during the summer months.  For long trips, it may be wise to bring extra just in case. For outdoor field trips, sunglasses or a hat are recommended as well.  If your child's field trip is occurring in the winter, warm clothes, hats, boots, and gloves are recommended.

Water and Snacks

If possible, send your child will a small bag of snacks and a bottle of water. The water is most important for outdoor preschool field trips. Many places, like zoos, will allow you to bring your own drinks inside. If not, have a little bit of extra spending money on hand.

Emergency Contact

If your child is taking a preschool filed trip without you, like with friends or an organized group, be sure all adults have your contact information. If you will be leaving the home, make sure they have your cell phone number.

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