Sunday, November 14, 2010

Easy Crafts for Kids: Tree with Real Leaves

We love it when fall arrives and the leaves all fall from the trees.  My daughter and I usually go on a leaf collecting hunt and then do a few craft projects.  This week we made a tree on paper but used real leaves for the leaves.

Supplies You Will Need:

2 sheets of construction paper (I recommend one brown)
Leaves you collected with your child
Something heavy


Step #1:  Cut out a tree trunk with the brown construction paper.  If you do not have brown paper, your child can simply color the tree trunk brown.

Step #2:  Glue the tree trunk to the full sized sheet of construction paper.

Step #3:  Glue the leaves to the top of the tree trunk.  We used white school glue as that worked a lot better than regular glue sticks.

Step #4:  Place a large (or a few small) heavy objects on top of the leaves.  This forces them to stay down and it will make it a million times easier for the leaves to actually dry glued to the paper.

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