Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SpongeBob Sorry is a Family Event!

My daughter loves (and I mean loves) to play board games.  We have at least 30 different games here.  That gives me a great idea – review some!

But anyways, back to the originally post.  My brother moved out to Minnesota.  He was a supervisor with Best Buy at a local store but has since gone to take a job at their corporate office.  He came home for the holidays.

And my daughter being the game lover she is, suggested he join her for a game of SpongeBob Sorry – two nights in a row!  One night she won and the next he won.

SpongeBob Sorry is just like the traditional Sorry game, but with a SpongeBob theme.  We have had this game about a year now and the excitement hasn’t worn off on my daughter.  We play it a couple of times every other week.

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