Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something So Simple, Yet So Fun! Leaves!

It is amazing how much fun a child can have with something so simple - leaves!

We bought a new house this past July with a massive front and back yard.  Needless to say there are A LOT of trees in the area and (of course) that meant a lot of leaves!

When we got enough leaves in our yard, I started to make piles for my daughter and the neighbor to play in.  Haha of course I didn’t think to snap a picture of them.

A couple of weeks ago, all the leaves from the trees were gone and our yard was packed with them!  At this time, it was much easier to push the leaves onto a tarp and pull them over to the side of the road to dump.

The fact they were in a tarp, didn’t stop by daughter from having the time of her life.  Every other night for about 2 hours, she was out having a blast with all the fallen leaves!

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