Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miniature Golf: A Really Fun Activity for Kids

We have been remodeling our house day and night.  We bought a house in July and hope to move in next week.  We hoped that we would have been able to move in right away and do remodeling as we went along, but when the old owners moved out all their furniture and we pulled up some rugs, we realized that we had a mess on our hands.

Our daughter, Sarah, has been helping out a lot around the house with little projects.  However, my Grandma decided to help us get her out of the house (she got to have some real kid fun and we got some time to work on the house).  She took Sarah miniature golfing and boy did they have fun!

Sarah was really excited because she got a hole in one.  My grandma (according to Sarah) is pretty good lol but can get a lot better with practice.  I love how she puts an encouraging spin on things!

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