Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Preschool Activities: Cooking Together

If your preschooler, is anything like mine, she loves her food, especially tasty snacks. Nothing is better than enjoying a great snack together. However, it is even better when you cook it together. In fact, cooking together is a fun preschool activity to do at home.

Personally, my daughter and I prepare many foods together. She likes to help make Jell-O and pudding. Our favorite thing to do together is to bake birthday cakes for family.

This is a picture of a cake we made for her dad’s birthday. She helped me add the ingredients, stir, and decorate the cake once it was cooled. Lol, those are really donut holes on the cake. She created a lake of sprinkles inside them. I love the imagination and creativity of small children.

Have you cooked with your child lately and what cute wacky idea did they have?

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